Community Partner Success Stories

Literacy Volunteers in action during the 2017 filming for the UWNCC video.


Whether they are teaching our neighbors how to read or how to pass their High School Equivalency Exam, the Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County have been working to change lives since 1969. It’s their goal to help adults of 18 years or older achieve their goals through education. A recent success story from the LV comes from a local resident, Abby, and her journey toward passing her High School Equivalency Exam.

Abby dropped out of high school when she was younger; but, in adulthood, decided that she wanted to further her education by gaining her. However, after going to one establishment for tutoring, she was turned away by its educators simply because they lost patience with her. Discouraged, Abby was unsure where to go for more help. This is when Abby met the Director of the Literacy Volunteers, Julie LaGrow.

Since meeting Julie, Abby has begun attending the LV’s services, and has experienced far greater success in her studies. Abby says the educators at LV are incredibly patient, and have made her process of learning easy and fun. The Literacy Volunteers, to Abby, have grown to “…feel like friends.”

Thanks to the educators at the LV, Abby has mastered the English, History, and Science portions of the HSEE exam. Abby is enjoying her work with LV so much, that being helped by them “doesn’t feel like work, it feels more like it was meant to be.”

Having mastered more than half her test, Abby is working eagerly toward the final piece– Mathematics. With the help of the Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County, Abby doesn’t think that her goal is too far out of reach.

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