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  • Bow Centerpiece


    Bow Centerpiece

    Add some color and cheer to your Christmas table this year with this beautiful, festive centerpiece. Adorned with a bow, pine cones, and berries, this mixed-greens centerpiece will catch the attention of those making merry in your home! Your choice of red or plaid bow.

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  • Door Swag


    Door Swag

    This unique piece is made to brighten your doorway this holiday season! Composed of Frasier and White Pine, and adorned with a choice of either red or plaid bow, this simple yet elegant door swag creates a festive welcome for your holiday guests.

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  • Frasier and Pine Wreath


    Frasier and Pine Wreath

    These wreaths are a mix of Frasier and White Pine. The small wreath is 18″ in diameter. The large wreath is 26″ in diameter. They are adorned with white-tipped pine cones, small red berries, and a choice of red or plaid ribbon.

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  • Red Bow Candle Centerpiece


    Red Bow Candle Centerpiece

    Enjoy a candlelit dinner this holiday season. The large candle will help illuminate the pine cones and berries decorating this festive tabletop decoration.

    As always, practice caution when burning candles in close proximity to live greens, and NEVER leave the candle unattended while burning.

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