The United Way of Northern Chautauqua County, committed to the creed of “Live United”, will strive to model and demonstrate diversity, equity, and inclusion within all our operations. In a community that is increasingly diversified, we value and recognize that all our neighbor’s face challenges and desire opportunities to be part of the solutions we bring to our community.

We acknowledge that racial inequity, ethnic discrimination, and language barriers have prevented some of those within our community from thriving, being able to access important services, or feeling included within our communities. Our organization will use its position to promote equity and inclusion for all of those in our region, especially those that have lacked access or opportunity and faced barriers in the past.

Our staff, board, volunteers, and partners will make decisions that are inclusive of voices of those being served and representative of our community. Programming will address barriers to access, ensure that all individuals have the help they need, and strive to ensure delivery from a diverse network of professionals. To fully meet our potential as a community we must ensure that all of our neighbors are included, and that systemic barriers no longer hold people back from achieving their potential.